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Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Residential Detoxification for Rehabilitation

The Mariposa Detox Center Inpatient Detox and Residential Substance Abuse center is located in beautiful Beverly Hills, California. Our goal is to help you or your loved ones recover from the disease of addiction.

With our addiction treatment in Beverly Hills, we can help you start on the path to a much healthier life. Our facilities have full-time nursing staff and support personnel ready to tend to our patients around the clock so we can get through the rehab process fully.

From Addiction to Recovery — Mariposa Addiction Treatment Center Beverly Hills CA

Mariposa Detox Center will be with you every step of the way in your journey towards recovery, from Detox to Residential to Aftercare, providing you with guidance throughout the entire process.


Attending a detox program before entering a residential program is crucial. Our detox programs are designed to ensure the medical stability of our clients, setting them up for success in the next phase of treatment.

Residential Treatment

Our residential programs typically last 30-45 days. Our clients will attend group therapy and one-on-one sessions to learn the tools necessary to ensure long term recovery.

24/7 Availability

We have dedicated staff members available 24/7 to answer your call at our Addiction Treatment Center in Beverly Hills, CA. We understand the challenges involved in taking the initial steps toward recovery, and we are committed to being available to assist you whenever you are ready to seek help.

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Why Select Mariposa Detox Center?

  • Mariposa Detox Center offers life-changing and high-quality treatment for those struggling with addiction.
  • Personalized interactions with clients create an intimate and supportive setting.
  • A wide range of tools and resources are provided to support clients in their recovery journey.
  • Located just 15 minutes away from Beverly Hills, California, the facility is easily accessible to those seeking treatment.
  • Individualized treatment approaches, including detox protocols and personalized therapy and collaboration sessions, address the specific needs of each client.

Quit Struggling with the Pain Caused by Addiction

Many individuals grappling with addiction may need to be fully aware of the extent to which their health insurance can assist with treatment costs. Our center's team of experts is readily available to assist in determining the coverage options available to you. Whether there will be any out-of-pocket expenses, we are dedicated to helping you access the resources needed for a successful treatment journey.

Drug Addiction History of Beverly Hills

The affluent city of Beverly Hills, California with a population of 31,896 has had a history of drug addiction struggles. The city is known for luxury shopping and high-end restaurants, but behind the glitz and glamour lies a hidden problem. Since the middle of the 20th century, a well -known community has been dealing with these issues. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 11% of adults in Beverly Hills reported using an illicit substance in the past month. This number is more than double the national rate – making it one of the highest rates in all fifty states. Drug use among teens and young adults is also on the rise in Beverly Hills; data suggests that rates are particularly high among those aged 18-25. 

The area has seen a dramatic increase in substance abuse over the past few decades and while it may not be as visible as other urban areas, it still exists within the boundaries of Beverly Hills. Alcohol abuse is one of the most common forms of addiction in the area, but opiate drugs such as oxycodone and heroin are also widely used. In addition to illegal substances like cocaine and methamphetamine, prescription drugs are becoming increasingly popular among residents due to their easy availability from medical professionals or online dealers. The Mariposa Detox Center is one of Beverly Hill's leading rehabilitation centers that specializes in treating those struggling with substance abuse issues.

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