Detox Center in Los Angeles

Across the nation, as many as twenty-one million people, some as young as age 12, struggle with a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, fewer than ten percent will ever seek or receive potentially life-saving addiction treatment. Overcoming an addiction is not a straightforward process, and in some cases, choosing to quit drugs or alcohol without help can be dangerous. Ongoing use of drugs or alcohol will, in time, lead to harmful impacts on your physical and psychological health. At a detox center in Los Angeles, we can help you safely and successfully overcome addiction.

Understanding Why You Need Detox

Detox itself is not a standalone addiction treatment; however, it is a first and necessary step towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. During detox, your body must learn how to function without drugs or alcohol. Ongoing substance use disorders lead to physical and functional changes in the brain and various body systems. Over time, these changes make it difficult for your body to carry out day-to-day functions without chemicals present. For example, opioid drugs attach to specific receptors in the brain responsible for dopamine release. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that impacts feelings of pleasure and happiness. Typically, dopamine is released in response to activities that induce happiness, such as eating something sweet, being recognized for an achievement, or sharing a hug with a loved one. When someone is addicted to substances, the way dopamine is released changes. Instead of natural events, the presence of drugs causes dopamine release leading to the same emotional “high.”

Unfortunately, drugs cause far more dopamine to be released into the system than the body usually produces. In time, it becomes impossible to achieve the same emotional high (achieved with substance use) through traditional channels. More frequent and higher doses of substances are used to maintain the same effect. This course of events leads to substance dependency and addiction.

Once dependency and addiction develop, it becomes difficult to merely stop using drugs or alcohol. When someone who is dependent tries to reduce or stop using, withdrawal symptoms and cravings occur. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming and dangerous, leading to relapse or a medical emergency. Choosing to get sober at a detox center in Los Angeles increases your chances of successfully and safely detoxing.

Why Can’t I Detox Cold Turkey?

The detox process is the path your body must take to learn how to function without substances. Although some people may experience mild withdrawal symptoms, this is not the case for all. Depending on the substance you are addicted to, withdrawal symptoms can be intense, unpleasant, and potentially fatal. This is especially true when detoxing from opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur in as few as 8 hours after your last dose.  The type and severity of withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the substance you used, how long you have been using and how often you use it. The most common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, tremors, gastric problems, dizziness, and elevated heart rate. Often, these symptoms are mild or moderate and resolve in approximately seven days. More severe withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), cardiac and respiratory arrest and stroke, can be life-threatening. Although more severe symptoms only occur in a small portion of cases, it is impossible to predict which cases. For this reason, detoxing cold turkey may not be safe or beneficial.

How Can a Detox Center in Los Angeles Help Me Get Sober?

If you are ready to get sober, starting your journey at a detox center in Los Angeles is the best first step. During detox, you will receive full medical and mental health support as you begin healing from addiction. Our highly trained medical staff will continually monitor vitals (including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing) to ensure your ongoing safety and reduce the chances of an acute medical emergency. Depending on your unique needs, medication may be administered to help alleviate the more overwhelming symptoms.

Detox is necessary to cleanse your body of the toxic physical and psychological effects of drugs or alcohol. It is difficult to fully immerse yourself in the therapeutic portion of a treatment program while still struggling with cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Once detox is complete, a comprehensive treatment program including therapy, nutritional guidance, and medical support allows you to focus your energies on healing.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, a detox center in Los Angeles can help you. Our treatment programs combine traditional, evidence-based addiction treatment therapies with alternative treatment models to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. Although sometimes challenging, detesting from drugs or alcohol is the vital first step on your recovery journey. Contact Mariposa Detox Center today to learn more about how a detox center in Los Angeles can help you safely and successfully overcome addiction.