Suboxone Detox Program Los Angeles CA

Suboxone is a drug prescribed to those who are suffering from opioid abuse. It is meant to help taper off use of opioids in a safe and effective way. When used properly, it can mitigate the withdrawal symptoms a person who was addicted to narcotics like oxycodone may experience. This increases the likelihood that the individual can successfully stop taking those narcotics. Suboxone is available under a few different names and is a combination of two substances: buprenorphine and naloxone. Unfortunately, if suboxone is taken for too long, it can also be just as addictive as opiates themselves.

Suboxone Withdrawal

Unfortunately, this drug does not always work as it is supposed to. There are many people who are able to leave behind opioid addictions only to become addicted to suboxone instead. Missing a dose can create withdrawal symptoms that rival those caused when a person stops taking opioids. Abdominal issues, like severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can occur. The person may also experience anxiety, mood swings, confusion, and depression. This can make it necessary to attend a detox program to ease the discomfort that can come from abstaining from suboxone use.

Further Dependence on Suboxone

Since not taking the substance can lead to so many unpleasant symptoms, many people who were prescribed suboxone to help manage other addictions remain on the substance for years, even decades. This can quickly lead to abuse and dependence on the substance. While it can be used safely for short periods of time, if a patient is not monitored properly, addiction to suboxone can happen fast. In situations where addiction has not yet happened, dependence is still a major concern and can play a huge role in when a person feels ready to stop taking it.

Safe Suboxone Detox

If you or someone you love are dealing with suboxone and have concerns about dependency or addiction, consider attending our Los Angeles suboxone detox center. Skilled and knowledgeable staff members can address your concerns, letting you know if dependency is at play. In-patient detox programs can help you safely taper off or stop taking the substance entirely, with a medical team available to help you deal with both the physical and emotional aspects of withdrawal.

Detox Before Residential Treatment

Ideally, you should go through suboxone detox before you enter a residential treatment program. The mood swings you may experience alone are reason enough to focus on getting the substance out of your body before you deal with the potential reasons for your primary addiction. Being fully detoxed puts you in a much better frame of mind; one where you are more open and receptive to the lessons and messages gained in group sessions and individual therapy appointments. Residential treatment facilities are geared to helping you attain a sober lifestyle, learning why you were addicted and what coping strategies you can use instead. Detoxing first ensures that you are able to put those lessons into practice.