Residential Treatment Program Los Angeles CA

To ensure success on a long term basis

Our Residential Program

What Does Our Residential Program Entail?

After the detox process has been completed, you are ready to enter residential care. Here at our residential addiction treatment in Los Angeles CA, you live at a facility with other individuals who are going through the same process as you. Residents are under the care of a medical team and counsellors, with a full daily schedule meant to help you learn important life skills, self-care, and how to live a safe and healthy sober lifestyle.

Why Attend a Residential Facility?

When faced with recovery, most people have two options: in-patient or out-patient care. There are pros and cons to both, but for most people who are battling addiction, in-patient facilities are best. Being fully immersed in your sobriety and treatment gives you the greatest possible benefits. It helps you learn how to cope with your addiction and gives you the skills you need to manage your life on a day to day basis.

Mental Healthcare

In many cases, addiction happens alongside a mental health disorder. These illnesses are often undiagnosed or undertreated, leading to addiction through self-medication. By addressing the root causes of addiction, including any underlying mental health concerns, you have a much better chance at living a sober lifestyle without relapse.

Mental health care can also benefit those without mental ailments. For example, learning self-care is important for everyone, regardless of their mental health status. Keeping thought records and other journals can also benefit just about everyone, as it helps you get more in touch with your feelings, leading to better solutions to any personal problems.

Your Daily Life

Residential facilities are designed to help you learn the daily habits required to stay sober. This involves waking up at the same time each day and attending structured therapy, group programs, exercise classes, and other wellness activities. Routine is important for recovery, and it is enforced throughout these unchanging daily routines.

Personalized Plans

While the schedule for everyone remains somewhat the same, the specific programs and sessions you attend are based on your own needs. Treatment centers recognize that all addictions are different and require a personalized touch if they are to be effective.

Getting Help

If you have been thinking about getting sober, reach out to learn more today. Going through the detox process and attending a residential facility can give you the tools you need to cope with withdrawal and learn how to live your life without relying on a substance.