Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Detox Los Angeles CA

More than three million Americans suffer from an addiction to cocaine. It is one of the most difficult drugs to stop taking due to the so-called euphoric recall it creates. Users are often “emotionally addicted” as well as physically dependent. This makes it incredibly difficult to stop on your own without professional help.

The Detox Process

Cocaine detox is slightly different from heroin or alcohol. It is much less physical in nature, with a lot less pain, discomfort, and physical illness. This doesn’t mean that crack cocaine detox is easy, however. As mentioned, the emotional connection a user has to the substance is strong, which is the reason why so many attempts fail.

Detoxing from cocaine is more of an emotional process than a physical one. You may find that your emotions are erratic and unpredictable, often made worse by the intense cravings most people experience early on in the withdrawal process. There are a few physical symptoms, such as feeling feverish and vomiting, that you may also experience. Most people also experience insomnia and extreme fatigue.

Getting Professional Help

Even though cocaine detox is much safer than heroin or alcohol, you should still seek professional help. The emotional pull to the drug is strong, making it easy to relapse, especially if you are detoxing all on your own. Entering Harmony Hollywood gives you the chance to address the emotional connection while also experiencing physical symptoms in a safe environment. Here at Mariposa Detox Center, our Cocaine Treatment in LA will come up with a customized treatment plan based on your own life experiences, to help you succeed. This, combined with a supportive atmosphere filled with professionals who want to help you attain recovery, gives you the best possible chance at success.

Detox Before Rehab

Some centers do not require their patients to detox before entering residential treatment programs. However, you should never start in-patient treatment without first fully detoxing from cocaine. First, the detox process is unpleasant, especially from an emotional standpoint. You are probably not going to be in the headspace you need to be in to benefit from group sessions and one-on-one therapy until you have gone through the withdrawal process. Additionally, you may find that you are too physically ill to attend these sessions on a regular basis. Cocaine withdrawal can lead to extreme exhaustion, making it hard to focus or be productive. This is another reason why it is best to detox first and enter a residential treatment program second. Our Los Angeles Cocaine Detox center also provides you with emotional support as well as mental and physical health care, so you are not missing out on any important treatments by taking that extra step.