Residential Detox

Long-term substance abuse or addiction will lead to significant, sometimes irreversible, physical and physical health challenges. Addiction is a disease that can touch the lives of anyone at any time. Deciding to seek help to overcome addiction is one of the most frightening decisions someone struggling with addiction will voluntarily make. The withdrawal and detox processes are challenging. Withdrawal symptoms may be mild or, depending on the nature of your addiction, severe and potentially dangerous. Because of these side effects (withdrawal symptoms), it is highly recommended that you choose to complete the detox and withdrawal process at a residential detox facility in L.A.

What is Detox?

For many who choose to seek treatment, the first part of their treatment program involves detoxing. Detox is necessary to help cleanse the body of any toxic substances remaining since you last used or drank. Only after you have detoxed can you fully focus on the treatment process. When someone goes through detox, the severity of the symptoms they experience are unique to the individual, how long they have been using or drinking, and their substance of choice. The process of detox requires allowing the body time to learn how to function without substances.

Withdrawal symptoms are a part of the detox process for everyone. While actively using or drinking, your brain and other body systems become accustomed (even dependent) to a certain amount of an addictive substance to carry out daily functions. Because of how drugs and alcohol change the structure and function of the brain, they will eventually crave substances to carry out essential tasks like dopamine release. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the body responsible for emotions such as happiness, joy, and natural pain management. The release of dopamine is affected by how drugs and alcohol attach to dopamine receptors in the brain.

Over time, the effects of just one drink or just one dose of a particular drug are not sufficient to achieve desired results. Someone struggling with addiction will continue to use more and drink more to achieve the same high they remember from the first time they tried drugs or alcohol. When you try to reduce or stop using or drinking, your brain struggles with the lack of substance, and cravings occur. These cravings, or withdrawal symptoms, often lead to relapse when trying to detox outside of a residential detox facility in L.A.

How Can a Residential Detox in L.A. Help Me?

Far too often, when people try to detox cold turkey or without support and guidance at a residential detox facility in L.A., they eventually relapse. Relapse is not uncommon for addicts seeking to overcome addiction. According to data released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Health, as many as sixty percent of addicts in recovery will experience at least one incidence of relapse after completing an addiction treatment program. Due to the intensity and overwhelming nature of cravings, relapse is significantly more common among those who try to get sober without the guidance and support of a residential detox program.

During detox, your brain and body will crave drugs and alcohol. Depending on your addiction, cravings (withdrawal symptoms) can be painful, overwhelming, and challenging to manage without help. For some, withdrawal symptoms may be mild and include nausea, heart rate changes, changes in breathing patterns, and dizziness. In other, more severe cases, life-threatening symptoms including seizures, stroke, cardiac arrest, and respiratory arrest can occur. Severe withdrawal symptoms are more common when detoxing from substances such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opioids. At a residential detox facility in L.A., a team of medical professionals trained in managing detox will be available to provide medical supervision and intervene if necessary. Going to a residential detox where medical care is available helps ensure you can detox safely and successfully.

Get Sober at a Residential Detox Facility in L.A.

Regardless of the severity of your addiction or the substance you wish to quit using, you should not attempt to detox alone or “cold turkey.” In a medically supervised detox facility, you are provided with ongoing support and care essential to successful detox and recovery. Our highly trained team of providers and counselors is here to provide support and guidance through detox while helping our clients manage the emotional and physical changes that come with sobriety and recovery.

If you or a loved one struggle with addiction, choose a residential detox facility in L.A. to help you get sober. Our caring and compassionate treatment team are here to ensure you have access to evidence-based treatment options, alternative treatment options, and comprehensive supports throughout detox and addiction therapy. We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable as you focus on getting healthy and overcoming addiction. To learn more about Mariposa Detox Center and our addiction treatment programs, contact us at our Los Angeles area treatment facility today.