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Mariposa Detox Center is a facility that provides inpatient detoxification and residential substance abuse treatment in beautiful Whittier, California. We offer assistance to the addicted and their loved ones to recover from the disease of addiction.

At our addiction treatment center in Whittier, we have the expertise and resources to assist you in embarking on a journey toward a healthier life, whether you struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Our round-the-clock staff, including nurses and support personnel, are present to guarantee that our patients remain comfortable and secure throughout the treatment process.

From Addiction to Recovery
— Mariposa Addiction Treatment Center Whittier CA

In Detox to Residential to Aftercare, Mariposa Detox Center will guide you through the process of recovery.


Attending a detox program is crucial for a successful recovery journey. Our detox programs prioritize our clients' medical stability, which sets the stage for success as they transition into a residential program.

Residential Treatment

Our residential programs typically last 30-45 days. Our clients will attend group therapy and one-on-one sessions to learn the tools necessary to ensure long term recovery.

24/7 Availability

Our addiction treatment center in Whittier, CA has staff available around the clock to answer your call. We understand how daunting it can be to take the first step towards recovery. Our goal is whenever you are ready to take that first step toward recovery, we will be here for you, no matter the time.

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Why Choose Mariposa Detox Center?

  • Mariposa Detox Center provides high-quality treatment for individuals struggling with addiction.
  • The center offers personalized client interactions, creating a supportive and intimate environment.
  • A wide range of tools and resources are available to support clients throughout their recovery journey.
  • The facility is conveniently located just 36 minutes from Whittier, California, making it accessible to those seeking treatment.
  • Individualized treatment approaches, including personalized therapy, detox protocols, and collaboration sessions, are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Quit Struggling with the Pain of Addiction

Many individuals struggling with addiction may not be fully aware of the extent to which their health insurance can assist in covering the cost of treatment. To help you determine what costs might be associated with attending treatment, we have a team of professionals readily available to provide guidance and support.

Drug Addiction History of Whittier

Whittier, CA, has a long history of drug addiction. This small city, with a population of 85,311 people, has seen its fair share of drug-related issues over the years. The problem dates back to the early 1900s when opium dens were prevalent in this area. However, it was in the 1960s and 1970s that drug use became widespread. The rise of marijuana use during this period led to increasing in other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. The easy access to drugs due to the proximity of Los Angeles made it even harder for Whittier residents to stay away from these substances. 

Over time, gang violence started becoming associated with drug dealings, adding fuel to the fire. Despite efforts by law enforcement agencies and local organizations to curb drug addiction, Whittier continues to struggle with this issue. Fortunately, options are available for those struggling with drug addiction in Whittier. Mariposa Detox Center Drug Rehab is one such option. This facility offers comprehensive treatment programs designed to address the underlying causes of addiction and help individuals achieve lasting recovery.

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