Suboxone Detox Los Angeles

Suboxone Detox Los Angeles

The opioid crisis is a public health concern in the United States. Most of the opioids abused in the country are prescription drugs meant for pain relief. Drug dealers manufacture and distribute prescription meds illegally, contributing to their widespread abuse. Patients with opioid prescriptions develop tolerance and end up using higher doses to achieve pain relief.

Suboxone is prescribed to ease withdrawal and curb cravings during opioid addiction detox and treatment. While it’s safe for use, the risk of addiction to Suboxone increases significantly with long-term use. At Mariposa Detox Center, we offer top-of-the-line Suboxone detox in Los Angeles to help our guests quit the medication safely.

Suboxone Withdrawal

As an opioid, Suboxone is a central nervous system depressant with effects such as slowed heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and sleepiness. When you stop using Suboxone after developing a dependence on it, your nervous system becomes overstimulated.

This leads to withdrawal symptoms such as abdominal pain, headaches, indigestion, fever, confusion, depression, vomiting, mood swings, and depression. Our top Los Angeles Suboxone treatment works to balance the nervous system and minimize these side effects.

How Suboxone Detox Works

The FDA approved Suboxone for opioid addiction treatment due to its ability to fill opioid receptors partially, blocking withdrawal without causing the same effect as abused opioids.

As a partial opioid agonist, it has a low risk of abuse, dependence, and addiction. However, it’s possible to develop tolerance and addiction to Suboxone if used for an extended period. When that happens, it also becomes as dangerous as the opioids it’s used to help avoid.

Once a person becomes addicted to Suboxone, the goal of Suboxone addiction treatment in Los Angeles is to stop all use. Our #1 Suboxone treatment in Los Angeles includes evidence-based treatments such as behavioral therapy and counseling.

For Suboxone detox, our treatment professionals precisely and gradually taper off the use of the drug. Prescription detoxification medication may be administered for your physical comfort. Withdrawal from Suboxone can also result in emotional distress. For that reason, our psychiatrists and therapists will provide the emotional comfort you need as you go through withdrawal.

Once detox begins, almost all the physical Suboxone withdrawal symptoms disappear within the first month. Withdrawal is severe during the first 3 days when most physical symptoms occur.

After that, guests mainly experience psychological effects like mood swings and depression. You might have intense cravings long after the first month of withdrawal, which is why it’s critical to get inpatient treatment at our premier drug rehab in LA, CA, for Suboxone addiction right after detox.

In our residential program, guests participate in group therapy, where we educate them on relapse prevention and leading a sober life. They also receive peer support from others who’re battling opioid addiction. Further, they attend individual therapy sessions to help them address underlying issues that trigger the misuse of Suboxone.

Second to None Suboxone Detox

Medically-assisted treatment using Suboxone is crucial in opioid addiction recovery, so it’s frustrating when what’s meant to help you turns into another problem. If this has happened to you, you need Suboxone detox in Los Angeles at our treatment facility. We have the finest drug and alcohol medical detox specialists who’ll work with you to wean you off Suboxone to a point where you can do without the drug. Contact Mariposa Detox Center and take the first step toward your new life: 888-251-6968.


Suboxone Detox Los Angeles

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Suboxone Detox Los Angeles

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